Here is where I want to dispel the myth that you have to be the top income earner at your club, or make $500-1000 a night to be a SuperStripper. You don’t.

How much money you make has ABSOLUTELY no bearing on whether or not you will build wealth! Why? Because the more we make, the more we spend. Even when we do make more money, it seems like we are still living month to month working to pay our bills. Moreover, we tend to waste it not on expensive big ticket items, but rather on lots of small things. Once you add them up, those small things are not that small.

By understanding the next concept I am going to introduce, I am going to FREE you from your financial prison cell. You are going to become aware of the ways that small amounts of money spend daily can add up to a fortune spent over your lifetime. You are also going to learn how to control your expenditures so you can save a portion of every dollar that you earn This is crucial, because no matter how much money you make, if you don’t invest it wisely you will never live a life of a SuperStripper. By the same token, even if you are not the highest earner in your club you can finish a SuperStripper. You work hard for your money, and your money should work hard for you!

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