Need A Mentor?

chasekellyChase Kelly at Survive the Club offers a variety of mentoring services for entertainers at various times in their dancing career. Entertainers local to the New Orleans area are encouraged to receive a face to face consultation, while national and international entertainers will pre-book a skype date.



Image Consulting $100

Are you having a hard time crafting a character that speaks to a wide audience? Do you know what guys like and what grabs their attention and keeps it? Survive The Club offers image consulting to entertainers looking to fine tune their persona; from dancer name to the outfit you wear and how you do your hair and makeup, and all the way down to how you speak and hold yourself, we can use your look and your favorite customer base to create you an image that is engaging and enticing enough to double your money.

Financial Planning $200

You work, you make money, you spend it, and then rent is due and you have to scramble to get your cash together. Sound familiar? Most dancers have a really hard time budgeting as a result of making quick money and disregard for impulse control. Survive the club wants to help you tackle your debt, build a savings, and reach your goals. It may seem IMPOSSIBLE but with a few tweaks it’s actually really easy and surprisingly fun to stack your cash.

Hustle Huddle $200/month with no commitment

The hustle huddle is my favorite service I offer because it allows me to keep up with you and watch you grow. You will take notes on your nights at work, and once a week we will sit down and discuss what you did right, what you did wrong, and how you can improve. Being a good hustler means understanding human needs and behaviour, tracking and achieving your goals, and staying ahead of the game, physically, emotionally, and financially. It takes years to develop the skills to become a top earner on your own, but I want to help you skip all the anguish and get ahead today, so years from now you can be retired and working on your business/masters degree/marriage/family, not “hustling.”

If you are interested in any of these packages or a custom crafted mentoring program, please email Chase at