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Lesson 1:
Getting Into The SuperStripper Zone

Lesson 2:
The Secret to Hearing “Yes!” More Often

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Lesson 3:
Exactly HOW to Get Him to say “Yes!”
Closing Lines By Color
Overcoming Rejection
“Come Back Later”
The Success Mindset

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How to Keep Him YOUR Loyal Customer
Jokes To Push The Friendship Hot Button
Why Did He Say “No” to Me and “Yes” to Her?
How To Turn A Frustrating Disappointing Night into a BIG Money Night

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How To Keep Him Coming Back For More
Trusted Vs Liked
Upselling VIP Dances
Using The Pareto Principle

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What Should I Do When [THIS] Happens?
How to Make Your Strip Club Staff Work For You
Advanced SuperStripper Business Model
Sexy vs. Slutty
I should be further along than this…

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SuperSecret Weapons
Help! I’m Afraid to Approach The Table
How To Sell More VIP
Exactly WHEN To Close The Sale
There’s NO Money In Here!

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Close Him with Hope and The Reason Why Hot Buttons
Banking In The VIP Room
How to Tell the Ones You Love
The Reverse Hustle

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Core Concepts of Running Your Business
How Do I Make Him Buy From Me?
The Traveling Dancer: Rules of the Road
Should I Do a Photoshoot For My Club?

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Limit His Options
The Secret to Getting a Stripper Body
How to Trick Your Body into Burning More Fat
How To Become a Money Magnet>

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Advanced Selling to Couples
How to Win the Game of Stripping
Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from 11 Years of Stripping

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Your Nest Egg
Ask and You Shall Receive!
Getting Back Into The Swing of Things