What is the best way to approach a BIG bachelor party?
If a couple is sitting alone, should you approach the woman or the man first?

What if a guy buys a dance for his friend but his friend doesn’t want it?

I feel awkward going up to big groups! Who do I approach first?

Sometimes I just can’t get the courage to go up to a good looking customer! How can I get over this?

Scenarios like this happen EVERY night. You need to learn not only how to handle these situations, but also how to PROFIT from them! The answer to these common scenarios and more are in today’s lesson.

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SuperStripper Club Scenarios

1. Complete pages 57-64 in the DancerWealth Workbook.

2. Identify the missing pieces of your Business Model. How can you improve?
3. Download Homework Audio 4 and incorporate it into your Getting into the SuperStripper Zone Ritual!