Whether you are brand new or have been dancing for several years,I’m sure there have been times when you though “HOW did SHE do that?”   If you are the hottest dancer in the house, have you looked at the mousy flat chested girl who’s selling tons of dances while you are sitting at the bar waiting for Prince Moneybags to walk in (and he doesn’t that night?)  Maybe you just spent thousands of dollars on a boob job only to discover that you are making roughly about the same amount of money…not the hundreds of extra dollars you thought the new girls would rake in for you.

Remember this is not a Dancing Job…it is a Sales Job.

If you want to be on top of the game you have to be prepared and in the ZONE every time you work.

Athletes do it.  Rock Stars do it.  Why shouldn’t you?

Your attitude has more power over your earnings than your boobs, your makeup, or your outfit. So lets get started!


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Getting Into The SuperStripper Zone Video

Now, its up to YOU to get started taking ACTION!
How badly do you want to make more money every night that you work?

Did you complete the activities in the video??  If so, you can probably answer this question:

What get YOU into your SuperStripper Zone and how do you keep it? If you can’t answer that question…hit REPLAY and take the first step towards making more money! Just sitting there like a bump on a log isn’t going to magically put more Franklins in your wallet tonight!  YOU have to do what we talked about in the video!  Just watching the video and nodding your head isn’t going to cut it!

Luckily I have more tools to help you.

1. Our Special Report Get into the SuperStripper Zone is the perfect complement to this video.  It will help you focus on the BEST way to get you into the money making SuperStripper Zone!!  Download In The SuperStripper Zone Here

2.  Complete Page 6 in the DancerWealth Workbook. It will walk you through meaningful activities to make the most from every lesson in the DancerWealth Program.  If you are a member of the DancerWealth Program you can download your free copy of the ebook in the Member Pages.

3. Listen to our downloadable Motivational Tracks on your iPod!  These are a great way to get psyched up as you are driving to work.  Several years ago they were available to anyone on our iTunes podcast, however they were too good to be free!!  So we took them OFF of iTunes and delivered them straight to our members only!

This week’s Motivational Audio Tracks are

Getting Started

Homework 1