If you aren’t tapping into the amazing resources or your club staff when it comes to boosting your income now is the time to take that step and learn the value of each person working in the club.

Cocktail waitresses and shot girls: These girls usually have the best rapport with the customer of all. They are constantly going back to the table, chatting with the guys, flirting with the guys and best of all they are not dancing for the guys- no competition. They are the “ungettable” girls in the club. They know how the guys are paying- and if they are good tippers. Did they open a tab? Are they paying cash? Do they plan on getting a bottle for the table? The men like to ask the cocktail waitresses who their friends are or who their favorite girls are in the club. I worked with a shot girl that knew I would always say “yes” to a “shot” from her. She would practically follow me around the club and at the same time she would lead me to the men she knew had the money. When I would agree to a shot from her she would make money and the guy would have fun watching her give the shot to me. We worked out a system where I really didn’t even have to take the shot- we got pretty good at a ‘short pour’ or she would cover the spout of the bottle so I never got drunk. I wouldn’t suggest this if you can’t work together with your shot girl so that you don’t have to have alcoholic shots.

Valet: These guys are great! They are the first contact with the guys at the club. They know what he drives which says a lot about how much money he has. Many times since the valet is outside for the majority of the night you will need to make sure that as he parks the car he makes sure to send them to you first when they go in. The valet may not be able to come to you to point out customers to you.

Limo Drivers: The club I dance at in Vegas has a free limo service- they will pick the guys up at their hotel and then drop them back off. If your club offers something similar, getting in good with the limo driver can be key! They have the full attention of the guys who are coming to the club. (Similar to a cab driver- but there would be no way to work with every cab driver in the city!) They can tell the guys what to expect when they get to the club and drop your name- explaining how you are the girl that is the most fun to hang out with in the club.

Bouncers/VIP host: If the guy takes a cab instead of driving himself or taking a limo the bouncer may be the first introduction he has to the club. Men like to talk to men and trust each other when it comes to the recommendation of women- it’s a bonding thing. Bouncers know when the guys coming in have money. Many times they offer to bring someone over to their table once they get settled.

Even the bathroom attendants can be an asset. This can be a little trickier seeing that you won’t be allowed in the men’s restroom. It may take getting creative in order to meet the bathroom attendant. Typically the attendants are friendly and talkative- they are also working for tips so they want to make sure that the customer is having a good time besides just supplying candy, gum or a cigarette. Because not every girl will approach the attendant (like the bouncers and cocktail waitresses) it is likely that he is only working for you and not a number of girls. It is important to stand out to the staff- remember that they see all the girls in the club as well. Tip well and tip often. Find out what the average is and then tip extra. Actions speak louder than words- don’t just say that if they help you out you will help them out. Sometimes it may require a small investment on your part this is a technique I learned from Adam. Recently I introduced myself to one of the new bouncers, told him my stage name and told him to make sure not to forget about me on the floor if a good group of guys came in. I told him I would make sure to take care of him at the end of the night. That night I worked like I normally work. I didn’t have anyone specifically tell me that the new bouncer mentioned my name and he never actually walked me over to a table. With that being said, at the end of the night I went up to him and handed him $40 and told him thanks for all the help and that a couple people told me he mentioned my name. He looked at me with a slight deer in the headlights look knowing that he really hadn’t done anything- slightly confused with the situation- of course willing to accept the money. The next night I worked he was working as well. I went up to him and said hello, making sure he remembered my name and told him that we were going to have an even better night that night than the night before. The second night was much better than the first night we worked together- he introduced me to all of the best guys that night. We both did very well that night and since then have had an amazing working relationship.