Have you ever had a bunch of really good nights in a row?  You know you walked home with a wad of  hundred dollar bills stuffed into your wallet because the DancerWealth system is working.  You aren’t the flaky stripper who only shows up at the end of the month when her rent is due.  Nevertheless, you STILL don’t know how you spent it all?  Does this sound familiar?

What’s In This Program:

  • How to Figure out WHAT Money Means To You and Why You are Stripping to Make It.
  • How to use your Stripping Career to Fund Your DREAM Account
  • How to Find Your Tanning Factor and use that extra money retire with a Millions Dollar Bank Account.
  • How file taxes as a stripper and maximize the deductions you are entitled to as a business owner.


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First, you’ll get these easy-to-digest and right-to-the-point training modules…

DancerWise Module #1: Six Steps to a SuperStripper Bank Account

– The Different Types of Checking, Savings, and Investing Accounts that are available
– How to plan your ‘SuperStripper Bank Account Strategy’
– What Your SuperStripper Money Plan is Going to Be for the duration of your Career


DancerWise Module #2: What Does Money Mean To You

For the most part, money is good for three basic things in life: Be, Have, Do.  Money allows people to:

BE who they are

HAVE what they want

DO what they want.

Unfortunately too many people get caught up with the HAVE and the DO parts.  These are the people who focus on having luxuries, and doing things to show off or prove their importance to other people that they forget who they are.    Do you feel like you are spending a lot of money, maybe you have lots of stuff, a nice car, a nice apartment, but you are up to your eyeballs in debt and honestly….you’re NOT HAPPY even though you HAVE and you DO things you like?

DancerWise Module #3: Have and Do

Once you figure out who you want to BE, you can have fun writing your goals of what you want to HAVE and DO!


DancerWise Module #4: SuperStripper Budgeting

This section describes the basics of how to create your budget (and stick to it!)


DancerWise Module #5: Get Organized

In this module, Avalon walks you through the easiest way to organize your stripping business.

Instead of being a headache, this is how you teach you how to AVOID a headache when it comes time to file taxes, buy a home, or apply for a loan.


DancerWise Module #6: The Tanning Factor

How to become a millionaire simply by finding out WHAT it is that DRAINS your pile of stripper cash each week


DancerWise Module #7: Pay Yourself First

In this module, you will learn about the BEST retirement plan for SuperStrippers.


DancerWise Module #8: Your Security Plan

How to feel safe knowing that your bills will be paid even if you hurt yourself and can’t work.

You will also get INSTANT ACCESS to the most exclusive online community of SuperStrippers Across the Planet!

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