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DancerWealth is the “secret weapon” behind many of the SuperStrippers making massive amounts of money in your club and your neighboring clubs…


If you have been wondering why “THAT GIRL” keeps making more money than you and anybody else in the club, then you have come to the right place…


“I made the most money I’ve made at this club ever, while the majority of other girls were in the dressing room smoking and bitching…”

Last night I did it – watched one of the hot button videos while getting ready at home, made notes, went in and treated it like a business, and made the most money I’ve made at this club ever, while the majority of other girls were in the dressing room smoking and bitching about how slow it was for a Friday.

~ Alexis H. – Tampa, Florida


“StripAndGrowRich is my competitive ADVANTAGE over everyone else”

“Nobody talked to me when I first started this job. Now I know why. It can be extremely competitive in there. Even though these secrets work great for me I hope not every girl finds them. I know it sounds selfish, but StripAndGrowRich is my competitive ADVANTAGE over everyone else”

~ Maddie – Dallas, Texas


In the DancerWealth Program, you’ll learn:

  • The secret techniques to attracting and maintaining ‘Whales’.
  • The Exact strategy to make $500/night, EVERY night.
  • One simple trick to make more than $500/night.
  • How to turn a $20 table dance into an hour in $$$ VIP!
  • How to get him to say “Yes!” to multiple dances and trips to the VIP Room.
  • How to develop a one-time meeting into a regular.
  • How to LOVE stripping and TAKE CONTROL of your Life!
  • Plus much, much more…


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Every month, you can also ask your burning questions to our experts and SuperStripper Community — and get prompt, real-life practical replies.


Here are some example questions — and the valuable replies…


This DancerWealth Member had a question about how to close:


“How do I shift the conversation away from whatever the customer is talking about and ask him for a lap dance without sounding too greedy?




It is important that you are able to turn friendly chit chat into a sale without coming across as too salesy. Remember, you can’t jump right to the closing line without building the conversation up towards that closing line.


The key is to sound polished, and you won’t sound polished unless you practice. I like to do this in my bathroom at home as I’m putting my make-up on. I turn on the Persuasive Communication Chapter in Dancerwealth, listen to the lines, and then practice them.


Don’t try to do it in the dressing room at work. Not only will you be giving your secrets away…but there will be plenty of SubsistenceStrippers sitting in there complaining and will jump at the chance to tell you that it won’t work. Of course though what they are doing isn’t working, they will likely try to quickly shoot your ideas and your confidence down.




yellow get access Learn How to Become a Stripper


Don’t just take our word for it — see and hear what our students are saying about DancerWealth Training Program:


“I made 16 times more than the average dancer!”


“I went from crying in the dressing room to being a top earner in my club!”



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First, you’ll get these easy-to-digest and right-to-the-point training modules…(one a week)


DancerWealth Lesson #1: Getting into the SuperStripper Zone

In this training module, you’ll learn:

– How to get into your best moneymaking attitude… on demand!
– How to plan your ‘Personal Launch Mode’
– How to stay there no matter what happens… so you can keep earning all shift long. (This is the hardest part!)


DancerWealth Lesson #2: Profiling your Customer and Planning your Approach

This fundamental concept was added in 2008 to DancerWealth. It’s the key to knowing exactly what you’ve got at a table and exactly how to approach.

This is the #1 issue we hear most commonly from new dancers and why they go home with less than $100 at the end of a long shift. Even smart veteran dancers will slap themselves on the forehead when they learn this trick and make more money every shift from it!


DancerWealth Lesson #3: Persuasive Communication

How to lead every conversation to closing a lapdance…and make it HIS idea! First impressions, Tie Downs, Sales scripts, and more.

Any topic of conversation can be turned back into something that makes you money…but how do you do it so you don’t come off sounding greedy? We show you how.

DancerWealth Lesson #4 to #8: Push The Right Hot Buttons!

This series of videos makes you unstoppable when you use the right ones on the right clients. If you know his category and you use the right one, your close rate will go through the roof.

Your effort level goes down while your dance purse gets fat with cash. Men can’t resist being closed the way they want to be sold.


DancerWealth Lesson #9: Core Concepts of Running Your Stripping Business

This section describes the basics (like getting a business license & maximizing tax writeoffs) Top 10 Myths of Stripping, and much more. One of the biggest issues dancers face is not treating the time they spend in the club seriously.

It’s not a hobby or a job. It’s a business that you can build with just a little effort and the right support team. (Fellow members!)


DancerWealth lesson #6: SuperStripper Club Scenarios

In this module, Avalon walks you through many situations in the club and how to best profit from them.

Instead of being a headache, this is how you make bank when they happen. (Things like: Big groups, bachelor parties, fights, drunks, couples, EXTENDING VIP and more.)



Plus, get these must-have SuperStripper Guides — worth over $100 in Real-Life Value


SuperStriper Guide #1: “Step by Step Stripping” Ebook – Currently being sold for $19.97!

This ebook has helped thousands of exotic dancers all over the world make $500+ a night. The subtitle of the book is The Cure for “Wanna Dance”. It has a step by step, fun and SIMPLE way to make big money any night you choose to apply it.

  • Exactly how to make DOUBLE your money in HALF the time.
  • Increase your ‘sit rate’ by 600%
  • Closing techniques that flat out WORK NOW.
  • Exact LINES to close and how to set them up for a YES.
  • Sample scripts for when you just aren’t sure what to say next.
  • Stage and Lapdance techniques that will increase your take home $$$ and create return VIP clients.
  • How to RESPOND to anything a client says that isn’t a “YES” to make money from it.


SuperStriper Guide #2: “In the SuperStripper Zone”

Without this state of mind, making money is an uphill battle. The better you can create and maintain your ZONE, the better your shift will be. Wouldn’t you want to always be in the “right” ZONE to make a ton of more money? Well, this guide will show you how!


To summarize, you get all these from the World’s Most Respected Authority on Exotic Dancer Training Programs:


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“It’s actually FUN closing sales…and I make twice as much money every time I work!”

“This isn’t just an ebook! It’s an online school. I thought all I had to do was show up and look good to make money. Now I know how to sell and it’s actually FUN closing sales. I’m more confident and I make twice as much money every time I use SGR techniques.”

~ Piper Monroe – Los Angeles, California


“It’s helped me for sure… Best decision of my career…”

It’s helped me for sure, I’ve been dancing about a year and a half and had seen a steady decline in money over the last 3 months so I decided to bite the bullet and invest in Dancerwealth. Best decision of my career! Even if you’re only in this business for a months this makes sense. Every hour I work I can make more money now.

~ Genny B. – Minnesota




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