Are You Feeling Lost In Your Stripping Career?

Have you ever felt so lost because you’ve pretended to be so many different people in one night that when the lights in the club come on and you slip into your street clothes you have trouble switching back into “normal” mode?   Who is the “normal” you anyway? When we go to work, we put on a mask. The moment we step into the club, we leave all semblance of our real life personalities, and become magnified personas of ourselves.   Do you notice that in your real life you act  differently than your stage persona?  Has that affected your personal life?

What’s In This Program:

  •   How to Figure out WHO you are and What Your TRUE Passions are in Life
  • How to use your Stripping Career to Live Your Perfect Average Day
  • How to Harness the power of Negative Emotions and make them WORK for YOU
  • How to Wake Up Every Morning thinking, “I LOVE my life!!”


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If you’re aren’t convinced, here is what our students have said about DancerVictory


“After dancing for 2 years I found myself in a funk.  What was my purpose? Where did dancing fit into my life? I am grateful for this opportunity, being a dancer. Its so exciting to know the potential it offers me.DancerVictory has magnified and added to what I could have learned on my own my own, but  it was designed for us. To find that in this industry, where most are out for themselves, is gold. I have been immersed with like minded people who inspire me to raise my consciousness. They gave me the push I need to start moving in the direction I want my life to go in.With the tools that I have I am building a 6 figure business. I quit wasting time and make the most of the shifts I have at the strip club. I know exactly where I am going. Nothing can stop me from being a super stripper and making this a career that I am empowered by.  Strip and Grow Rich has improved my life. I love my job. I’m going to be the best I can be at it.”

-Lexi, Deja Vu, Seattle WA



“DancerVictory gave me new motivation to do the job better.I have taken away so much from the DancerVictory material. There have been nights when things haven’t gone my way and instead of running off to the dressing room to pout, I’d review the DancerVictory Do Clues, get back on the floor, and turn around what would have been a bad night.”  Adrian Lane, Ricks Cabaret, New York, NY


The end goal of DancerVictory is to help you get the life you want, through personal growth and life enrichment.

If you want to have real CONFIDENCE and INDEPENDENCE, you’re right where you need to be.


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