It’s like checking your math homework. You know you should do it, but you never do. Following up is one of the most basic, yet most lucrative sales techniques that is often overlooked. In other words, many of us are missing opportunities all the time!!!

Here is a scenario: You are walking through the club and a customer makes direct eye contact with you. He has noticed you, and you can sense that he would like your attention, but unfortunately it is not a convenient moment for you to approach him. You continue walking, and forget about him a few seconds later. (And chances are, it doesn’t take much longer for him to forget about you – after all, there are plenty of other beautiful women in the club)!

WRONG!!! This person has indicated he is interested in you through his body language (I see you, and you see me) which immediately makes him a better prospect. He has given you an early sign of the desire to buy. The proper course of action is to make a mental note of what that customer is wearing and where he is sitting, and return to him within the next 2 or 3 songs. The sooner you go back and talk to him the better, because the longer you wait the more likely it is he will be distracted.

Another scenario is the customer who approaches you and tips you while you are onstage, and then retreats back to wherever he was standing or seated. This is a VERY STRONG BUYING SIGN. Even if he has only given you one dollar, this customer has singled you out and actively pursued you by going up to the stage. He may as well have a neon sign over his head saying, “I like you! Please come back and talk to me because I want to spend my hard earned money on you!!!”

Again, make a mental note. Some dancers like to go to the dressing room and refresh themselves after they have been onstage in order to touch up their make up or rest for a minute or two. This is ok, because when you get back on the floor you need to be ready to dance.

Now, not only do you have an excellent prospect, you have the perfect icebreaker to open up the conversation. Now, the next steps are extremely effective, so it’s important to follow them EXACTLY!

1.When you return to the floor walk directly and purposely to the prospect. (Note, most people prefer to be approached from the front or the side. They cannot see you when you approach from behind, so it surprises them and unconsciously makes them uncomfortable.)

2. Then, SMILE. Your smile says “I am warm and friendly. I like you and I am grateful that you have tipped me.”

3. If he is sitting, then you sit or crouch down next to him, gently touch his arm and say “Hi. I just wanted to thank you for tipping me while I was onstage.”

Now you have started a short conversation and you have begun to build rapport (a friendship), so that when you ask him if he would like to get a dance or go back to the VIP room (depending on your club) he says yes.

Many experienced dancers can spot an interested customer from a mile away but do they always follow through by approaching that customer??? If not, money may be slipping through the cracks in a very big way. As a dancer, you spend so much time looking for good customers so you’re better off using a lot less energy (and having a lot less stress) simply by following up more with your customers.