Vanessa in Canada writes, ‘Can you give me some ideas about how to extend my time in the VIP room with my customer? I figure I should talk to the guy when the hour is nearly over and get him to agree to stay, but what to say is the tough part because I’ve already used my pitch to get him in the room to begin with.”

So how do you keep a guy in the VIP room for more than an hour? Being skillful at doing this is the difference between being good and being the best. SuperStrippers have mastered this skill and can attest that the guys that come to see them never feel duped or taken advantage of-these girls make their customers WANT to spend obscene amounts of money on them.

There is a wonderful opportunity before you ever start in on your VIP session to sell a second one. Unless prohibited by your club, offer a discount for staying longer. We as consumers, many of us serious ones (wink) see it all the time: prices go down as you buy more. For example, ‘It’s $400 for an hour or $350 for two’. You would be surprised how many people will spring for quantity to save some money. For the same reason, department stores lure consumers with the word “Sale”- people see that word and can’t resist themselves. They see it as a missed opportunity if they do not act on it. When your VIP prices are on a sliding scale your customer sees a missed opportunity at taking the minimum time.
A second opportunity to upsell is a few minutes before the bouncer returns to ask the guy to renew or buy another session. Make sure your customer knows just how much fun you are having with him BEFORE the bouncer shows up. He may actually feel insecure about this unknown and tell the bouncer he is done simply because he doesn’t know what is going on in your pretty little head. Letting him know every 15 minutes or so is wise as a rule of thumb. Sometimes the connection you have with your customer is completely natural and easy and other times forced. When it is natural you will probably feel like he all ready knows you are happy and having fun. Tell him anyways. Definitely make a point to reassure him if there is not a lot of conversation going on. As macho or chauvinistic as he might seem he wants you to like him and seeks your approval and acceptance. He will not justify spending more money on you if you are not making him feel good about himself. Him knowing that the other party (you) is actually enjoying herself is half the secret to making him feel good about himself.

I like to use a method that I call “Will happen, Is happening, Just happened”. Make sure to tell what is going to happen: “We are going to have sooooo much fun”; what is happening: “This is fun, isn’t it”; and what just happened (at the very end to set yourself up for him to return to see you) “That was so much fun, wasn’t it….I told you?” Of course you can tweak these statements to your own personality and add some personal touches to this but the idea is you are selling him on having fun the whole time and setting up your next sale with him in the future.
Along with reassuring him of your connection to him, a little teasing is definitely a key element in milking a VIP room encounter. Every girl has what we can call “warm up moves” as well as the moves she considers her best and most flirtatious. Girls often make the mistake of breaking out their best moves to early. They take their clothes off way too fast. It is crucial to withhold the best toward the end when it is time for them to renew their time with you. Plan out how long you think it should take you to take off your clothes and them wait twice that long. Around the fourth quarter of your session, make a statement about how comfortable you are getting with him as time passes. He will infer from this that you are enjoying yourself more and more and maybe the second round will be even more fun. You never have to be misleading, just focus on making him feel good and you will see results.