Many people seem to have a misconception of dancers who work in strip clubs. The pre-judgment exists that many dancers are uneducated, promiscuous, battling drug addictions, or work as prostitutes on the side. And I’m sure that there are a percentage of dancers who fit into these categories.

But on the flip side, I have been fortunate enough to have worked in this industry for over five years and I personally know a large number of dancers who are college educated, loving parents, and even church-going regulars who pray or meditate on a daily basis.

I have learned that this business is so much more than just getting naked for money. Without an inner strength and solid core beliefs about yourself and your life, this business can magnify all that is negative and hurt your chances for success.

The thing about working as an exotic dancer is that this business exposes you. Both literally and figuratively. Your success in this job is directly related to how you see yourself, your ability to package and sell yourself, and ultimately your true beliefs about your own self worth. Of course, there are those strippers who seem to make piles of money, treat everyone and all their customers like crap, and spend most of their everyday lives
drunk, high, or both.

But those types usually don’t last long, and their becoming a stripper is usually just the gateway into other, less desirable money-making activities.

When I started in the business, I foolishly believed that just taking off my top was enough to bring me tons of money. And I was so insecure and so desperate for attention that I actually became fearful. I believed that making money was difficult and self sacrificing. I was terrified to approach customers because I was so afraid of rejection. When I did speak to a customer, I never even asked for the sale because on some level I believed that I was so unworthy of any type of success.

After investing in myself, and getting educated about sales, marketing, and the strip club industry, I realized what had been blocking my success and my profits for so long. And just one tiny shift in awareness opened the floodgates to abundance and prosperity in a business that has been called “The devil’s playground.”

If you’re working as an exotic dancer and not making more money than you need, then you are ignorant of two spiritual laws that could change your life as well as your bank account. You must learn and practice:

The Art of Asking and The Art of Receiving

My experience has shown that so many dancers are afraid to ask for what they want, and they are poor receivers because they feel so undeserving.

This may sound surprising because people mistakenly believe that dancers have loads of confidence since they prance around naked on stage in a room full of strangers. But so many dancers have issues of abandonment, self-worth, and come from abusive backgrounds.

Once I realized how my own lack of self belief and poor self image was directly connected to my lack of income, I made the decision to change the way I see myself. I chose to see myself as worthy, deserving, and grateful. I practiced receiving in all areas of my life and let go of fearful behaviors that prevented me from asking for what I want.

I know that this may not apply to all strippers in the industry, but since I’ve made the choice to let go of that which does not serve me, and know that I deserve to have all that I want, the universe has supported my beliefs and my choices and has responded accordingly. This awareness has been called a “secret.” I know now that thoughts are things. We become what we think about.

I wish I had known years ago that it truly is that easy: Ask for what you want. Expect that you’ll have it. Receive with gratitude.

Being successful, wealthy and spiritually grounded while working in an adult-oriented industry is a process. It takes time to realize your power, your worth, and that ultimately, you are in control.

This business has truly been a blessing for me and I through DancerVictory I hope even MORE “nuggets” of information will help others to become truly wealthy in every way possible.