The Original
Stripper School
Since 2003

The Original Stripper School Since 2003

How To Become A Stripper

Dancer101: If you are thinking about becoming a stripper, the Elementary Courses will tell you exactly what to do step by step to get hired.

How To Make Money Stripping

The lap dance sales process can be broken down into an easy to follow format. In Step by Step Stripping we teach the five basics steps to make him say YES to dances and you to a wallet full of cash!

Advanced Sales Training

Since 2003, we have been teaching exotic dancers how to maximize their earnings every shift. DancerWealth is the original stripper sales training school that has been featured in Playboy, ABC News, and TIME Magazine

Your Exit Strategy

This job won’t last forever. What are you doing with all your stripper cash? DancerWise is financial planning for strippers, by a stripper!

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